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Art Walk Season in Midcoast Maine

June is the start of Artwalk season in Midcoast Maine. The artwalks are a great chance in the evening to stroll through shops, listen to live music and buy art made locally.

Wiscasset Artwalk takes place between 5 -8 pm on the third Thursdays in June, July, August and September. Wiscasset Woods Lodge is a major sponsor of Wiscasset’s Art Walk.

Bath Artwalk is on third Fridays from 4 -7 pm.

Portland’s Artwalk takes place on the First Friday of each month between 5 – 8 pm.

Boothbay Harbor has First Friday Arts Tours from 5 – 7 pm.

There’s a great resource for Maine art walks by MaineToday Also check out our list of Weekends in Wiscasset events and our Event Calendar.

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Weekends in Wiscasset – June 6, 7, 8, 9

All activities listed here are either in Wiscasset itself or are in Midcoast Maine within and hour’s drive of Wiscasset Woods Lodge. For more details on each event go to our Events Calendar.

Thursday, June 6

10am Midcoast Craft Sidewalk Sale – Downtown Wiscasset
10am Members Art Show – Maine Art Gallery, Wiscasset
3pm Farmer’s Market – Wiscasset Recreational Pier – Opening Day
6pm Lecture: Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Hanover: The Romance and Reality of a Maine Shipwreck – Maine Maritime Museum
7:30pm Haunted History Tour – Bath/Damariscotta/Hallowell (7pm)

Friday, June 7

10am Members Art Show – Maine Art Gallery, Wiscasset
10am Midcoast Craft Sidewalk Sale – Downtown Wiscasset
11am Tours of Nickels-Sortwell House and Castle Tucker – Wiscasset

Saturday, June 8

6am Montsweag Flea Market – Woolwich
7:45am PIYO on the Pier – Wiscasset Commercial Pier (near the Yacht Club)
10am Midcoast Craft Sidewalk Sale – Downtown Wiscasset
10am Members Art Show – Maine Art Gallery, Wiscasset
10am Monkey C Monkey Do is Open – Wiscasset
10:30am WWF steam trains operating – Alna
11am Tours of Nickels-Sortwell House and Castle Tucker – Wiscasset
3:30pm Lighthouse Lovers Cruise – Maine Maritime Museum, Bath
4pm Historic Tidbit Tasting Tour – Hallowell

Sunday, June 9

6am Montsweag Flea Market – Woolwich
11am Tours of Nickels-Sortwell House and Castle Tucker – Wiscasset

These are just some of the many great activities available every weekend throughout Midcoast Maine. Keep checking our events calendar for more activities. And reserve your room at Wiscasset Woods Lodge today to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

wiscassetwoods.com (207) 882-7137 Stay@wiscassetwoods.com

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Maine Pottery Tour Weekend May 4th and 5th

Logo for Maine Pottery Tour

Every year the “Maine Pottery Tour” is on the first weekend in May. During these days pottery and ceramics studios in Maine open their doors to the public. It’s a fun day and a chance meet the artists, peek in the kilns, see demonstrations, and shop for pottery and other handmade goods.

Several studios are welcoming guests in locations near our hotel.

Map of studios participating in the Maine Pottery Tour
Map of participating Midcoast Studios

The closest studio is a brand new one just in the process of opening here in Wiscasset. Midcoast Crafts is located at 75 Main Street, just up from Red’s Eats. They’re in the process of remodeling their studio but are opening up early for the event.

Other nearby studios include:

Neighborhood Clay & Liz Proffetty Ceramics in Damariscotta

Van Der Ven Studios in Lincolnville

Fireside Pottery in Warren.

For a full list of participating studios visit Maine Pottery Tour.

And don’t forget to make Wiscasset Woods Lodge your homebase for your Midcoast Maine adventures.

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A Love of Historical Buildings

Sarah Castro has always loved architecture. Growing up in North Carolina she always drawn to Maine because the architecture is so approachable. “You don’t have to be a millionaire to own an historical house here.”  In fact her mother, Mary Castro, bought an older house in Wiscasset after retiring 4 years ago.

With her love of historical buildings, Sarah picked the right place for her store. Little Maine Mercantile is located at 49 Water Street, just down the road from Red’s Eats. Her store is in Wiscasset’s oldest commercial building, built in 1797. Over the years it’s been a hardware store, general store, and toy store. The building has charming remnants of its days as a hardware store. Behind the front counter are cubbies where bolts were once stored, the size markings can still be seen on the face of the bins. Cut into the floor towards the back of the building are different sized holes used when selling rope. The bulk of the rope was stored underneath the building and was threaded up through the holes where it could be cut to length depending on the buyer’s needs.  

Little Maine Mercantile shares the store space with Spruce – a coffee and smoothie bar run by Julie Ambrosino. The two met at their full-time jobs in Portland. Sarah worked in a marketing firm in the same building where Julie worked. They both still hold down their full-time jobs, because of this the store is only open part of the week.  Sarah’s mom helps her run the store on the days Sarah works in Portland.

Their best selling items are the Vena’s Infusions, little jars of dried fruits, bitters and sugar that you add alcohol to for a flavorful and interesting drink. The other big sellers are dog treats purchased by people living in the village. She also sells carefully selected goods made exclusively in New England. Sarah believes in supporting local artists and is open to carrying whatever items people let her know they need.

Sarah really enjoys Midcoast Maine. “The area is so beautiful and the people have been exceptional, really nice to us.” Sarah also feels blessed to be doing this together with Julie from Spruce. She hopes the store will become a community gathering place and can envision a day when they might be able to host small performances or screen movies.

Little Maine Mercantile opened at the end of the tourist season last year so they don’t know what to expect for business during the summer but said they did well around Christmas time. For now they’ll remain open Thursday through Saturday from 10am – 5pm.

You can find them on facebook or on their website Shop Little Maine.

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Out of the Rat Race and In the Clover

Kasey McNamara’s story is similar to several of the people we’ve met during our interviews of local merchants. People who were living somewhere else doing something else when they decide they needed a quieter, simpler life for themselves and their family.

Kasey was living in Boston and working in finance on the regulatory side of mutual funds. There she met her husband, Jay, and had their first child. They quickly decided that Boston wasn’t where they wanted to raise their children. Houses were so expensive that the only ones they could afford meant long commutes into work each day. And they wanted a quieter pace of life and safer surroundings to raise their children. They decided to move back to Maine where Kasey grew up and Jay’s parents moved to in 1986.

In the Clover in Wiscasset Village, Midcoast Maine.
In the Clover, Wiscasset Maine

While living on Westport Island, Kasey had her second child and in 2008 began working part time at In the Clover. Once the kids grew older she decided to start working full time again. She left the store and went back into the world of finance. That only lasted a couple of years. Kasey quickly found that she was no longer wanted to spend her day sitting behind a computer screen and missed working with the staff and customers at the store. She and Jay discussed it and decided to take a chance and see if then owner, Kelley Belanger, would be interested in selling someday.  

In the Clover sells clothing and accessories in Wiscasset Maine

The timing was perfect for everyone and in 2017 Kasey and Jay bought the store and haven’t looked back. Jay handles all the accounting, bill paying and business management side of the company. Kasey manages the staffing, purchasing, the look and feel of the store, and the day to day running of it. They now have just a 10 minute commute to work and are able to be there for all their kids numerous school and extra curriculum activities.

Kasey is enjoying buying the clothing and goods sold in the store. The first year most of the merchandise was already purchased and the second year she was conservative as it was her first time buying. This year she’s felt able to take more risks and is always looking to update her collections. She makes an annual buying trip to NYC and quarterly trips to Portland to meet with vendors. She aims to keep up with trends while not being “trendy”.

When asked what the style is in fashion, she said that fashion is more wide open then it’s ever been. “Fashion is now about being comfortable and feeling good about yourself. If you like a particular style of jean then wear them. Nothing is ‘out of style’ anymore.”

A variety of belts for sale at In the Clover in Wiscasset Maien

As a store they try to support that, they don’t just cater to one look. If customers have clothing preferences  they’ll try to bring in items that match it. This has brought them a loyal customer following as has their focus on customer service. If they get an item that they know a regular customer will like, they’ll call them or even send photos. They have several out of state customers who regularly purchase clothes from In the Clover and have them shipped.

If you haven’t visited In the Clover recently Kasey invites you to stop by and see what’s new. She and her staff are happy to help you find the clothing and accessories that makes you feel both comfortable and beautiful whatever your style.

In the Clover is located at the corner of Route 1 and Middle Street. Or find them online, on Facebook, or Instagram.

This article is part of a series produced by Friends of Wiscasset to highlight area businesses. This article was written by Saundra Neperud. Other stories in this series include:

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Family Business Brings the World to Midcoast Maine

Post and beam structure built by students at the Shelter Institute in Midcoast Maine.
Post and Beam Structure Built by students

The entrance to the Shelter Institute is just outside Wiscasset on Route 1. You’ve probably passed the entrance a thousand times, seen their post and beam sign with the rotating holiday decorations and thought, “I should stop in some time and take a look. And while you might not have been in yet, the Shelter Institute hosts people from all around the world. They come to attend workshops, buy woodworking tools, and order custom designed timber structures. The Shelter Institute has recently had attendees from Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Japan, Puerto Rico, South America and France. They’ve designed and built structures all around the US and the Caribbean. 

All types of woodworking tools are for sale in the shop at the Shelter Institute in Maine.
Woodworking Tools for Sale at the Shelter institute

While it has world reach, the Shelter Institute has Maine roots. Pat and Patsy Hennin started the business in 1974 in Bath, Maine. Originally in the space above Reny’s they later bought and renovated the building that now houses Brynes Irish Pub. Patsy remained very active in the business up until her death in 2006 and Pat is still highly involved. Their children, Blueberry Beeton and Gaius Hennin now run the majority of the day to day operations. Everyone in the family live nearby and enjoy all the outdoor opportunities that Maine has to offer, especially boating.

Working on the beams for a custom designed building built at the Shelter Institute
Fabricating a Custom Designed Building at the Shelter Institute

As the courses and structures became more popular they found they needed a larger site that would allow students to practice raising buildings and provide space to house their growing fabrication business.  They knew they wanted to remain close to Bath and their regular customers, and they knew they wanted to be on Route 1 because of the great exposure to all the vehicles traveling back and forth regularly. In 2000 they bought 68 acres of land on Route 1 for their new location. The campus includes a retail store, classroom, and workshop.

Students gather around to learn the use of woodworking tools at the Shelter Institute in Maine
Teaching Students at one of their Courses at the Shelter Institute

All of the class offered by the Shelter Institute are approved for the GI Bill for Veterans and many institutions consider the classes job training opportunities. The Design Build Class is college accredited through the University of Maine Augusta. Shelter was founded on the idea of learning and teaching. Pat and Patsy believed in the importance of the individual having an understanding of the world in which they live; literally their home. As a commemoration to the passion for learning that Patsy Henning infused into the Shelter Institute, the family created a scholarship program for local high school and college students to help them attend trainings and gain skills.  You can find out more information on their classes, tools, and scholarships by visiting their website, Facebook page or Instagram.

Or next time you’re driving by why not stop in and see everything they have to offer.  

This article is part of a series produced by Friends of Wiscasset to highlight area businesses. This article was written by Saundra Neperud. Other stories in this series include:

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Who Doesn’t Love a Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love the thrill of a treasure hunt? People have been finding treasure along the midcoast for centuries, though nowadays most of the finds are in antique stores and specialty shops rather than on shipwrecks.

For Linda and Louis Cataldo of Wicked Good Treasure at 770 Bath Road in Wiscasset, the treasure hunt still takes them up and down the coast. Taking inspiration from such television shows as Storage Wars, the Cataldos have turned a love for treasure hunting into a thriving new business. They source and bid on storage pods and other lots at auction, without knowing in advance what they might find inside. Sometimes they find treasure, such as in the case of one of their favorite finds, a beautiful selection of Tiffany style lampshades now on display in their thrift and antique store. When the findings don’t measure up to the standards of the retail floor, items are donated or passed on through other lot sales.

Industrious bargain hunters themselves, they’ve found many creative ways to find bargains and to find ways to pass them on to their customers. They buy lots of returned goods from larger retailers, and market their wares both in their store and through online platforms such as Amazon and Facebook Marketplaces.

Tiffany style lamps, one of their best finds

Wiscasset’s location at the crossroads of many well-traveled routes was part of what appealed to them about opening Wicked Good Treasure here. The Cataldos enjoy sourcing up and down the state, but making Wiscasset their home put them only about a 40 minute drive from destinations north, south and west. They enjoy the smaller town lifestyle of the mid-coast, but are only a short drive from their son’s family in Portland.

Wicked Good Treasures on Route 1 in Wiscasset

The Cataldos may be new to the Village, but they’ve traveled the mid-coast for years before relocating here, so while they are getting to know their neighbors, they know their mid-coast neighborhood and can offer visitors recommendations along whatever route they choose to explore. Their friendly and hospitable manner will make any visitor feel welcomed by a longtime local. They hope to enjoy a robust summer season and be able to grow in their space next winter, as they have this winter.


This story part of series by Friends of Wiscasset to highlight local businesses. Visit the Friends of Wiscasset’s facebook page for more information on local businesses. This article was written by Elizabeth Palmer. Other articles in this series include:

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Beelicious in Wiscasset sells all things honey related. She also has honey for you to sample.
Try a honey sample at Beelicious

Monica Carrington of Beelicious is not only Wiscasset’s undisputed expert in all things honey, she is also a one-woman visitor’s center for the downtown and waterfront area. Her corner location at Water Street and Route 1, across the street from Sarah’s Café, overlooks the bridge and the famous Red’s Eats, and she plays the role of visitor’s guide when chatting with customers about everything from places to park to where the restrooms are.

Beelicious shares the plans for improvements for downtown Wiscasset.
Beelicious shares the planned improvements for Wiscasset

This year she is excited to be able to tell visitors about the downtown improvements while they shop, including the new restrooms along waterfront as well as the additional parking and the sidewalk improvements. Carrington has rearranged her store to open up Beelicious’s front window to the view from the street from both sides of route 1, and Carrington hopes the wider sidewalks will encourage more lingering and seating spaces. She is looking forward to collaborating with nearby merchants to encourage just such casual shopping downtown.

Beelicious is the perfect venue to encourage a linger. The gentle but refreshing scent of honey wafts through the door as one enters. After that one can choose which sense to tempt. Samples of local honey, craft food items and other sweets and savories tempt the palette while the eyes are drawn to the bright, airy décor showcasing bees, of course!

Beelicious is a bright, airy shop with all things honey related.

Carrington herself is a wealth of knowledge, and enjoys sharing her knowledge of and enthusiasm for honey with visitors. The shop is full of sweets, gift items, home décor, bath and body products and unique finds of all kinds.

A local resident as well as a local merchant, Carrington started out just up the street from her current location, and her time in business there made her choice to move into her current location when it because available an easy one. With the visitor experience improved, the foot traffic will increase and Carrington is looking forward to her Bee’s-eye view of the downtown village this summer!

This story part of series by Friends of Wiscasset to highlight local businesses. Visit the Friends of Wiscasset’s facebook page for more information on local businesses. This article was written by Elizabeth Palmer. Other articles in this series include: