Please wear a mask when you are around others on our property

Our hotel is ideally set up for safety during this pandemic. All rooms have exterior entrances and each room has it’s own heat/ac unit that vents directly to the outside. We follow all CDC guidelines and expect that our guests do the same.

To allow for adequate time to air out and clean rooms between guests we ask that there are no late check-outs or early check-ins in 2021.

On nice days, check out will take place on our porch, but we’ll move it inside on rainy or inclement days.

One of many picnic tables at Wiscasset Woods

Breakfast will be different as well. Instead of serving it buffet style in our dining room, the meals will be available to take back to your rooms or to one of the many picnic tables we have set up around property. We’ll have some picnic tables near the dining room as well to make it easier to return for seconds or more coffee as needed.

Currently, we are not open to the general public and instead are providing weekly housing for staff of partnering local companies. If you are working for one of these companies please call (207) 882-7137 to book your room.

We miss our regular guests and look forward to welcoming you back starting Memorial Day weekend in 2021! You can book your room today.

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