Our Hotel is For Sale

Here is your chance to own a piece of history, live in beautiful Midcoast Maine, and run your own successful company.

Wiscasset Woods Lodge at dusk
The hotel today
Wiscasset Steakhouse and Inn
The hotel circa 1930’s, photo from “Around Wiscasset”

Wiscasset Woods Lodge has been welcoming guests to Maine for over 100 years. Started as an open air dance pavilion, the lodge has changed and adapted itself as times changed. Our long and interesting history reflects the history of Maine. The property has successfully weathered the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, the Great Recession, and now the Corona Virus. Through each era the hotel has survived by adapting to meet the needs of the day. The next chapter of the lodge could be written by you.

The Rooms

The hotel has 29 guest rooms of which 17 are “cottage rooms” and 12 are motel rooms.

Cottage Rooms

pet friendly room
One of our cottage rooms
Exterior of some of the cottage rooms

All but two of the cottage rooms were the original cabins that you see in the black and white photo above or were built in New Castle about the same time. We have a full list of the history of each room included in our guest books. The cottage rooms are a favorite with our regulars. They have knotty pine interiors and most have vaulted ceilings. When the previous owner gutted and rebuilt the cottage rooms he used wood that was milled from trees that fell on the property.

Motel Rooms

One of our motel rooms
Exterior of the motel building

The motel rooms are larger and have their own interesting story. The owner at the time didn’t want to take on any debt so he only built what he could pay for up front. First, the ground floor during the summer of 1971. Followed by the second floor during the summer of 1972. After the second floor was constructed it was lifted in three parts on top of the first floor, and the roof replaced. This has led to quirky differences between the two floors which we couldn’t figure out until we learned the full story.

The Living Quarters

The hotel has two living quarters. It was built so a multi-generational family could run the hotel.

The two bedroom apartment

The sunroom in the two bedroom apartment
Front room of the two bedroom apartment set up as meeting space

The main living space is on the second floor of the lodge, above the dining room. This is a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment with a new kitchen and sunroom installed in 2015. The apartment has two entrances, one from the dining room and the other into the maid’s quarters on the backside of the office. This makes it easy to run down and help guests or manage staff. Because we lived off site in 2019, we rented the apartment as event space for baby showers, bridal showers and family reunions.

Part of the kitchen in apartment

The one bedroom apartment

One bedroom apartment
Front room of apartment

The second living space is more secluded, located above the two car garage tucked away on the south end of the property. This is a comfortably sized one bedroom, one bath apartment with a private back porch facing into the woods.

Kitchen/Dining/Deck in apartment

The Facilities

In addition to our guest rooms and owner housing, Wiscasset Woods also has a commercial kitchen and dining room, commercial laundry, residential laundry, 3 maid’s storage rooms, a workshop/storage room, gardening shack and a two car garage.

Dining room seats 28 people

We serve breakfast for up to of 100 guests each morning in our dining room. While we have only used the kitchen for breakfasts, we have considered renting out the space to someone wishing to serve dinner and drinks in the evening. We’ve also considered making sack lunches to sell to guests.

The kitchen photos were taken just after completing the commercial kitchen and passing our health department inspection. Since then plenty of shelving, hooks, and a large commercial refrigerator have been added.

Commercial kitchen just after completion
Commercial kitchen just after completion

The Grounds

Arial shot of the lodge from 2019

Our hotel is situated on 8 acres of woodlands. We have a 1/3 mile trail following the edge of the property which guests, especially pet owners, love. We also have two fire rings and picnic tables and chairs scattered throughout the grounds. We actively use only about 1/3 of the acreage. This leaves plenty of space for whichever direction new owners would like to go.

Our 1/3 mile hiking trail
One of two fire pits

Potential ideas for expansion

We feel like there’s so much more that could be done with the property. If we were to stay long term some of the expansion ideas we’ve considered include:

  • Building an RV park or tent camping sites on the backside of the property
  • Building a miniature golf course on the front part of the property
  • Building a wedding/events center on the south end of the property
  • Renting out the commercial kitchen and dining room for use as a restaurant
  • Selling sack lunches to guests
  • Hosting small events in the living space above the dining room (we hosted several events there in 2019 but all came to a screeching halt with the pandemic)

Purchasing the Lodge

Our asking price is $1,395,000.

Because there’s a lot more involved in the inspection and appraisal of hotels, it usually takes 3 months to close on a property. Someone wishing to open and run the hotel in May would need to start the purchase process in early February at the very latest.

Part of purchasing a hotel is hands-on training from the current owners. We will be around to help you open and run the hotel until you feel comfortable doing it on your own (usually 2 weeks). We will always be available via phone or email for additional questions. We want the next owners to be happy and successful running the lodge we love so much.

Feel free to ask us any questions be emailing Saundra@wiscassetwoods.com or by calling (207) 882-7137.

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