Bicycle Friendly Hotel

Welcome Bicyclists!

Two of our guests with their bicycles getting ready for a day's ride
Two of our guests getting ready for the day

We love bicyclists and do our best to make your stay convenient, safe and comfortable.

Bicycle Repair stand and tool kit donated by Pedros
Bicycle Repair Stand and Tool Kit donated by Pedro’s

Our hotel is right on Route 1 in Midcoast Maine so no need to peddle out of your way to find us. You’ll pass right by us on both the Northern Tier and the Atlantic Coast touring routes.

We have a bike repair stand and tool kit generously donated by Pedro’s.

Bicyclist in front of our pet friendly room at Wiscasset Woods Lodge
Bicyclist in front of one of our Pet Friendly rooms

We allow bicycle to be kept in all of our hotel rooms, but bicyclists often like the pet friendly rooms as they have linoleum floors and are located on the ground floor. For bikes that don’t fit comfortably into rooms we have a locked storage room bicyclists are free to use to store bike and gear.

Photo of our homemade breakfast buffet at Wiscasset Woods Lodge
Our homemade breakfast buffet

Just 1/2 mile from our hotel is a grocery store and a 24 hour laundromat. Even better, during the summer of 2020 there are plans for a microbrewery to open next to the laundromat and a restaurant will be opened next to the grocery store. This makes it convenient to get what you need in one location close to the lodge.

And every morning we serve up a hot, homemade breakfast perfect for fueling up before a long day’s ride.

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