Plan your Next Vacation – Today is National Plan Your Vacation Day

768 milion vacation days went unused last year
55% of Americans left vacation time on the table in 2018

Did you take all your vacation days last year or were some of these 768 Million unused vacation days yours?

I often speak with our guests about their life and their travels and have learned that if you have the Time, Money and Health to travel, you should do so. You never know when you’ll lose any one of these, making travel harder if not impossible.

Luckily, we have lots of resources to help you plan your next Maine vacation.

83% of American workers want tot use their time off to travel

Our hotel, Wiscasset Woods Lodge, is in the perfect place to enjoy all that midcoast Maine has to offer. And our free, homemade breakfast makes your mornings fast and easy, no need to stress about finding a restaurant for breakfast before hitting the road.

Don’t leave vacation days on the table, plan your 2020 vacation today!

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